Friday, December 3, 2010

Games to Entertain the whole Family at Christmas

Christmas is a time where we have friends, families, etc, come together and love one another hopefully! Some fun ways to keep yourselves entertained include some of the following ideas below:

  1. If you have younger kids around and want to keep them entertained via online games, check out and
  2. Video games are always a hit and there is an abundance this year that can be entertaining for all members of the family
  3. Board Games like chess, scrabble and many more are still great means of entertaining all ages. These games are also available as video games and online games.
  4. Christmas books can be fun! Check out some samples:
  5. Bingo is a classic for the older folks but can be enjoyed by all. Get prizes to make it even more fun! Stocking filler size prizes come in handy.
  6. Cook and bake together! Check out these great recipes
  7. Karaoke is a big hit.
  8. If all else fails, a moviesor TV SeriesMarathon can hush everyone up as well as be very entertaining.

These are great ideas for staying indoors during Christmas and not killing each other :-D