Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts For Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman is no different from any other woman, right? Wrong! At Christmas time, if the said pregnant woman is heaviliy pregnant, especially during the winter period, she will be uncomfortable and not to talk of the potential hormones that won't quit. There are some common mistakes people make when giving gifts to pregnant women and Christmas is no exception. The most common errors are:

  1. Who is the present for? This basically means make the separation between the child in her stomach and her. If you are going to give them both a present, clearly mark it as such. The women easily get forgotten and everyone showers gifts on the unborn child. This is not a bad thing but at Christmas, if the child is not out, then the Christmas is for the Mother, right? Don't piss off a pregnant woman please.
  2. Think Comfort when choosing a gift for Christmas as she will most likely need to put her feet up at some point if she has to do a lot of work to prepare the home for the season
Here are some gift ideas that spring to mind that might just be what the doctor ordered for your pregnant woman:
  • Maternity Clothes or similar will always be useful but careful with the style. Just because they are pregnant does not mean they can't be stylish
  • Comfortable shoes can be a hit if you know their current shoe size. Some women's feet change when pregnant!
  • Foot Massager comes in different styles,or any other form of massager will suffice.
  • Gift Baskets containing food, only if you know of her dietery requirements. If you used to booze together and junk out all the time, pregnancy can change her cravings
  • Vouchers for Groceries that deliver to her house, this eases the hassle of having to go out for shopping, especially for bulky items

  • Beauty Products: pregnancy not always being the best time for most females, it is worth getting her items that make her feel beautiful
These are just a few of the many ideas out there to start you off. Remember, these tips are not about getting the baby gifts but for the lady herself.


    1. Thanks for these gift ideas. I'll be using these ideas for my pregnant friend's gift.

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