Friday, November 26, 2010

Dating for a short time: Gifts for new Boyfriend or Girlfriend

The niggly question of whether to get a gift for a partner you have only being dating for a very short time can be a tough one. If your budget is limited, then this makes it even worst, you may have to get very creative.
Lets get on to what you should have in mind in making this decision:

  • you may not know the person well enough to be able to decide.
  • the gift you decide on could set the tone of the relationship in the future. For example, you start by giving a very expensive gift, don't forget there will be birthdays, valentine, easter, graduations, etc, to come. Can you keep up the pattern of expensive gifts?
  • have realistic expectations of your new partner. You may not know them enough and on the other hand, they may not know you well enough to let you know the state of their finances.
  • keep the communication route open and talk about your views on Christmas as they may be very different.

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Gifts For A New Boyfriend

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