Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Convince your Parents to get an Expensive Gift

Let’s face it, if it’s not your Birthday or Christmas, how do you convince your parents to give you gifts that are on the high side?
If you are blessed enough to have parents that are fully loaded financially and your average gift allowance is in thousands, then this article is probably not for you anyway. Most of us on the other hands probably do not have this luxury and can frequently find yourself in a position of having to convince you parents to buy the latest gadgets for you.

Things to keep in mind before you go ahead with these tips:
  • Latest gadgets come with a hefty price tag and before you know it, a new one is upgrade is released. With this comes the next issues such as, how often will you have to upgrade?
  • If you do have to upgrade more than once a year, is this something your parents can afford to begin with?
  • If you are not sure, ask your parents about their budget before getting disappointed!
Now if you have established your parents can afford that amazing gift that you just have to have, here are some things you could do to convince them it is worth the investment:

  • Give them notification through the year: this can be obvious lines like "hey, I only want one present this year" (or next year). Then when you go ask for your Christmas present, you can say "hey, you know I haven't asked for anything this year? I was saving it for Christmas!" or something along those lines. You may have to forfeit either birthday or christmas, unless your birthday's December 25th. If you have not done this, and Christmas is only a few weeks away, then you can always attempt to bargain with your next gifting period.

  • Educational Line: Can this item you want be used at school or for learning? Say you want a Kindle Wireless Reading Device, the obvious line will be "I can study my history books or learn a new language on it for only like $0.99 instead of buying a big text for like $27.99". This turns the kindle into an investment for your parents, if you buy lots of books. They can save more space, also as you won't throw books around as well as study without being forced!

  • Family Time: So you have asked for an Xbox 360 Console with Kinect Sensor or similar type console. What games are available for the whole family to play 'together'? The Kinect for example presents an opportunity for the family to dance together. Use this line as even though it is supposed to be ‘your’ gift but remember you are trying to convince a parent that you are now mature, responsible, and generous with your possessions. If they think you are going to hug it all to yourself or make you lock yourself up in the bedroom and not speak to anyone else in the house, then they may think again!
Still not worked yet? Don't despair, put your eye on the price (see the pretty pictures of the gift you HAVE to have!) then pull out your biggest weapon ...
  • Be Good: Yes, you guessed it! Can you promise them something in exchange for the gift? What chores can you pick up around the house if you have been lazy with helping out? Can you do better at school? If yes to any of the following, then you have another line to use. Exchange your being a better behaved member of the society in exchange for that iPad! Remember, don't give it all away, save some for the future gift negotiations.

The bottom line is if you need to convince your parents to buy gifts, then convince them the gift pays for itself somehow while portraying yourself as mature (yea right ... bet you are a champion with throwing tantrums!). Finally, plan in advance for next year's gift. If you need to behave, start just before the gift period. Good luck using these tips and you didn't hear them here...ssshhhh.
Don’t forget some insurance, either included in your current household policy or related manufacturers' warranties or you have to start from the beginning with grovelling.

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