Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How do you decide on a Christmas Gift for Grandparents?

A lot of people receive very cool gifts from their grandparents, grand-aunties, etc and Christmas is the one type you can repay that favor. Unless you have a cool Granny, then the chances are like most grandparents, yours will always want a simple gift.
However, it needs to be something they can brag to their friends, neighbours and anyone within reach, if the opportunity does come up and not to forget a nostalgic gift that helps them remember the good old times. An idea for a simple gift is quite hard if you are fairly used to high tech gadgets. Most of the latest social media apps, mobile phones, and such gifts will likely make the older folks a bit nervous (no offence! This is my experience). Here are some finds to get you started:

    • Mobile/Cell Phone

    A lot of grandparents I have come across have a hard time upgrading their phones. You know, just when you master the current functionalities, a new one comes out. If you are thinking that your gran(s) could use a mobile phone upgrade, then this Nokia 1661 Cell Phone (shown on the right) or similar could be just the perfect gift idea. The Nokia 1661 was one of the best finds that fulfilled the simplicity requirement. This model is predominantly available to the USA. A similar model for UK is the Nokia 1800 Unlocked mobile phone shown below ...

    Don't forget to upload those classical old school ringtones to complete the package.

      • Picture Frame
      This spells out nostalgic in every way possible. If you intend to load this with pictures of the whole family, you don't have a lot of time until Christmas so get ... Handmade frame will go a long way but if you are not too artsy, then Etsy or eBay will come in handy.

      The digital picture frames may work too if you have it preloaded and set it up so it can rotate in the background. The pictured frame by Smartparts features a real wood frame that gives it that antique look.

        • Fishing Equipment
        If your grand member of family likes fishing, then you are in luck, just listen out for their most complaint about what goes wrong when they go fishing, see what you can find out there to solve it. This gift idea can be built on for other grand uncles, aunties, etc. Find the hobby, find gadgets out there and there's your gift idea! Don't forget to keep it simple ;-)

          • Perfume
          A classic perfume that is very nostalgic will do for this occasion and one of the favorites in this list is the Chanel No.5. It is a timeless perfume that was introduced in Christmas 1921 which makes it as classic as it gets. Other perfumes with similar for the men is Old Spice.

          Other similar ideas include: book club subscriptions, some jewelry, some classic music, handmade decorations, knitted clothing, etc.
          With these ideas, hope you can find something out there to make your Gran brag about you to everyone within earshot. Happy Holidays.

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          1. Great gift ideas for grandparents. Surely, they'll love them.