Friday, November 26, 2010

Stuck in Front of a Video Game?

Are you looking to get a gift for someone who is always stuck in front of a video game? Who could blame them? The gaming world gets better with great graphics, amazing virtual story-telling and much more! The easiest gift for a video game lover will be more video game related gadgets.
However, not everyone around them likes this and if you are one of those, think about about something that could get them out from the front of a tv. Some ideas include:

Sports: Obviously, not video game sports but something that could get them more interested in outdoor sports like soccer, baseball, etc Another interesting one is things like boxing, kung fu, etc.

Make Money Online: There are lots of information on this and could give them another hobby, albeit taking them from the TV screen to the computer screen but the aim is different. These are a few of the ones I have personally found useful below:

Gift Cards or tickets: If you are getting a gift card, then it is from a store that they have to go out to and does not deliver at home. Tickets for a sports game, movie tickets, camping tickets.

Clothing: Vouchers or Gift cards for clothing is another non-gaming related gift idea

Finally, it will be worth doing your research to make sure they will be happy with the gift or it will all go down the drain! Happy holidays :-)

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  1. My brother is a game addict. These gift ideas are perfect for him. thanks.