Monday, November 29, 2010

The Winter Genius aka 'Hot Water Bottle'

With some in the western hemisphere already having freezing winter so early this winter and snow storms, the heating bills are bound to sky-rocket at this time, that got me thinking of some ways to save bills. The hot water bottle is a great gift as well as potential money saver. Aside for its massaging and ache soothing traditional properties, here are some ideas for using it in the cold:

  1. Before bed time, put it under the duvet/blanket and it really heats up the bed before you get in
  2. Using the cover makes the water stay heated for a long time and you can use it through the night
  3. Travelling on a long journey in the winter? Why not take it along for those long train, car or bus rides to keep you warm?
  4. It comes in different sizes so can make a great gift as stocking filler for christmas or just as a very affordable and useful gift.
Here are some related gift ideas for the cold weather:

Zojirushi CD-WBC30 Micom Electric 3-Liter Water Boiler and Warmer, Champagne Gold

Union Jack Knitted Hot Water Bottle

Sunbeam Royal Nights Hejavascript:void(0)ated Blanket

Portable Hot Water Bottle With Sweater

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